BCIA statewide initiative to help fight obesity by reducing sugar and calories consumed from beverages in Ohioans’ diets and promoting calorie awareness and balance.

Balance Calories Ohio is part of the Balance Calories Initiative, a national, multi-year effort from America’s leading beverage companies and the American Beverage Association to help fight obesity by reducing beverage calories consumed per person nationwide by 20 percent by 2025.

The elements of the program include:

Encouraging Calorie Awareness and Balance at Points-of-Purchase

Ohio’s beverage companies will provide calorie information and encourage consumers to consider calorie balance in their purchase decisions by:

  • Placing calorie awareness messages on all company-controlled point-of-sale equipment statewide, which includes vending machines, self-serve fountain dispensers and retail coolers in convenience stores, restaurants, and other locations.

Increasing Interest in and Access to Reduced Calorie Beverage Choices

The Ohio Soft Drink Association and Ohio’s leading beverage companies will use their marketing, innovation and distribution strengths to increase interest in and expand access to water, no- and lower-calorie beverages and smaller-portion sizes by:

  • Leveraging the companies’ product and packaging innovation, marketing and distribution expertise, as well as consumer awareness efforts.
  • Working closely in local markets with retailers to increase access to no- and lower-calorie products and smaller-portion packages and drive interest in these products through proven promotional efforts.

Increasing Consumers’ Awareness of Calorie Balance Through a Statewide Awareness and Engagement Program

Ohio’s leading beverage companies will take part in a number of events throughout the state to promote Balance Calories. Through these events, Ohio’s beverage companies will encourage Ohioans to “Balance What You Eat, Drink & Do.” Some of the events include a program launch with the City of Columbus and Mid-Ohio Foodbank, and balance awareness activities at the Ohio State Fair.

Our Partners

In Central Ohio, the Ohio Soft Drink Association and Ohio’s beverage companies will partner with the City of Columbus and Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

City of Columbus:

  • The Ohio Soft Drink Association will collaborate with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department to ensure vending machines at recreation centers are updated with messages to “Balance What you Eat, Drink and Do.”
  • In addition, OSDA will team up with the Department to present free informational sessions on navigating the beverage aisle and participate with the city’s teaching kitchen programs to create awareness of Balance and choice with Columbus parents.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank

  • Ohio’s beverage companies will partner with Mid-Ohio Foodbank to donate beverage options with less sugar, fewer calories and smaller portions.
  • They also will support the Foodbank mission by helping bring educational programming to its clients– such as sharing information on how to navigate the beverage aisle .
  • In addition, the Ohio Soft Drink Association has teamed with Mid-Ohio Foodbank as a partner for Hunger Action Month in September 2017.

Our Members

In Central Ohio, Balance Calories Ohio is supported by:

  • Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
  • Dr Pepper Snapple Group
  • G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Inc.
  • Pepsi Beverages Co.