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As the trade association dedicated to promoting the preservation and advancement of Ohio’s non-alcoholic beverage industry, the Ohio Soft Drink Association is the voice for bottling firms, manufacturers and beverage companies across Ohio. OSDA’s work creates a unified body within the beverage industry to support legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry, while supplying the public and policymakers with timely and accurate information.

Ohio’s beverage industry is a growing business that employs thousands of workers throughout the state, invests in communities and contributes more than one billion dollars annually in state and federal taxes. Our members offer consumers myriad brands, flavors and packaging choices and a full range of drink options: soft drinks, diet soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas, bottled waters, water beverages, 100 percent juice, juice drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks.

Collectively, our members have taken action and embraced innovation. Our efforts have cut calories in beverages and promoted the importance of a balanced diet and exercise in schools. We have made environmental stewardship a priority in industry operations, while searching for more ways to become even more environmentally conscious. We strive to communicate more effectively about our products and how they fit into a balanced lifestyle.

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  • Innovation: Oppurtunity & Challenge (9/7/2016) - In this business, there truly is a beverage for every taste and occasion.  Low, no or mid calorie?  Yes.  Caffeine or not?  Both.  Does that come in a different size or a different packaging?  Yes and yes.  All of these choices and more fill consumer demand for great taste, functional benefits and portability. All Good? ... MORE
  • G&J Pepsi: Walking on The Wilds Side (7/25/2016) - When it comes to being a committed community partner, Cincinnati-based G&J Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company walks the walk. The company, the biggest family owned and operated Pepsi bottler in the U.S., places a strong emphasis on supporting local communities. For instance, look around the capital city and you’ll see evidence of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Columbus’ ... MORE
  • CSAF Farm to Fork: Recent GMO Labeling Vote Rational Way Forward (7/19/2016) - For the past several months, thousands of stakeholders in the American food chain—literally farm to fork—have struggled against misinformation, junk science and parochial state laws to guide a workable GMO labeling law through Congress. Representing Ohio’s beverage industry, I was one of those thousands working in a national coalition of passionate advocates. My Ohio-based colleagues, ... MORE
  • LDBoard Telling Our Story Matters (6/7/2016) - Every spring our Ohio Soft Drink Advocacy Day brings over 100 leaders to Columbus to meet with legislators. House and Senate members, and their very capable legislative aides, make time to hear about industry leadership and concerns.  Some years we have specific requests or concerns, but every year we tell our story of economic and ... MORE


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